It’s 9:47 a.m. as  I type these words. This time thirteen years ago I was in NYC on business.  I was just across the road from The Flatiron Building. We couldn’t get the news on the radio, we found Howard Stern. I remember his words coming thru the speakers. “We’ve got to be at war”. He was right. 


Certain scenes stand out vividly in my mind to this day. Like the sales rep from across the hall coming in and franticly describing how his wife was covered in someone else’s blood after they jumped from one of the towers, or when I walked out the front door of the building onto the street and witnessed what looked like a scene out of a movie. There was no traffic to speak of, other than the occasional ambulance or fire truck either going towards the towers or coming back from them, covered in dust. There were people in the street walking towards The Trade Centers. One of the towers had already collapsed. As I walked out, people screamed and pointed, I looked up and watched the second tower fall. I couldn’t process what I was seeing.  People began running towards the scene. One fireman stopped a double decker tour bus, and took over the wheel and drove that to ground zero.  


My boss and I and the girl working the front desk in our office from the temp agency walked. We were heading back to our hotel room. She lived in Jersey and couldn’t leave the island. The bridges and subways were all closed down. No one was coming in or going out. Fighter jets flew over us.  On the way back to the hotel I saw an elderly man sitting outside his apartment with his head down holding a small American Flag. I remember seeing a car with an American flag draped over the hood. All of these memories are still clear as day. I also remember temp girl when we finally all went to dinner at a small cafe, looking at me and saying these moronic words. “You seem to be really affected by this”. Ya think? It made me furious. I didn’t respond. My guess is the expression on my face was enough response. 


Those are some of my memories of the day the whole world changed. I hope we as a nation never forget what happened.