I don’t read much fiction these days. I wish I had more time or would take the time to do it but I don’t. I tend to read biographies of musicians, athletes or historic figures that interest me. I read about musicians I suppose because I can relate on some level to their story. 


There’s one writer that I do read often, and even re-read his work. He’s been a musician, actor, publisher,  does spoken word tours and has written many books. I reckon I’ve read most of his stuff. Henry Rollins is a flat out compelling writer. 




Here are some of his books I’d check out, but only if you enjoy reading about someones world travels, their strong opinions on world news and their thoughts on virtually every polarizing topic that you can come up with. My favorite works of his are the collections of journals he keeps while touring. Either for shows, or just for that fact he enjoys going into dangerous parts of the world, meeting people of all walks of life and then writing about it.


For starters I’d read out these:

Get In The Van (on the road with Black Flag)

Smile, You’re Traveling

Broken Summers

Do I Come Here Often?

A Preferred Blur

A Dull Roar


I’ve read and re-read these books while on tour myself and like my favorite movies, they don’t get old.


Thanks for reading this.