The New Record Begins

 Last week I started the new album. We tracked live, which means the band played together in a room as I sang the scratch vocal (which won't be used on the record) just as we would if we were playing a show. I love this way of recording. It's hard to replicate energy or soul building a record one or two instruments at a time but it can be done. The band wrapped it up in a couple of days which is impressive.



We tracked at the Monastery Studio in Cincinnati. This was perfect for me because it's close to home and at the end of the day, I can sleep in my own bed. The band was Ric Hordinski on guitar who also owns The Monastery, Josh Seurkamp on drums and the great Dave LaBruyere on bass. These guys have played together for years so as a band they were tight and it went down as smooth as possible.   We blasted thru the 12 songs with our producer, Paul Kolderie. Paul has been around and worked with some huge acts and always has a great story. I've never tracked this fast, the lead vocals are pretty much done. The basic tracks and even some overdubs are finished. Clay Hess came by on the third day and laid some rhythm and lead acoustic guitar down.

The last two days were me singing the lead keeper vocals. Ric has some great old mic's which we were glad to use. My voice felt a little fried by the third day but miraculously it didn't sound too bad. I can't wait to get this record done, and out. I've always been this way. I work work work on a project and then once it's over I move on. Rarely listen to it once it's completed. For me, it's just on to the next thing. The next record, the next show or whatever lies ahead. Speaking of the next thing, I've got an EP to produce this week with a talented singer/songwriter from Dayton, Ashley Knapp. I need to work more on her EP, with that said..thanks for reading this.    Tim