Two new singles

It’s been a busy few weeks. Starting the new record, producing an EP for a young singer/songwriter, preparing for and then playing a solo gig at a cultural arts center in MS. Not to mention everything else that comes with running your own business. Full time musicians are no different than anyone else (in theory) with regards to the amount of work that goes into running a company. It’s extremely time consuming, even when you’re not at work, believe me, the mind is working. It’s all good tho, I love it. 


 I’ve been in the studio more in the past month than I have in years and I really love working and creating there.  I had a manager tell me once that every artist she knew loved being in the studio more than anywhere else. I’d have to agree. Prior to working on my record and on Ashley Knapps’ EP, I worked on some singles with Barry Bales at the producer helm. Most of you know Barry from his work with Alison Krauss & Union Station as the  long time bass player in Union Station. He’s absolutely a monster at his craft. I’ve never heard anyone pull that tone. It’s distinctive and his note selection is perfect. Listen to any AKUS record made in the last twenty years and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.


These songs were recorded at Sound Emporium studios in Nashville. The songs feature some great players, guys like Gabe Dixon who’s an incredible talent singing and playing piano. Josh Hunt on drums, my friend and sometimes NFR bandmate Josh Miller on guitar and Bales on bass. These sessions took place a couple of years ago but will finally see the light of day very soon. They’ll be released over the next few months and best of all we’re going to GIVE you these songs. The first tune, Learning How To Live Alone,  is being re-introduced as I gave some of you the download last year.  I’m proud of the work we did and hopefully you’ll dig it.