The past couple of weeks have been busy to say the least. Much of it found me sitting in a home office, splitting tasks between rehearsing my solo show, pre production on the forthcoming recording session and some less enjoyable admin type work on my trusty MacBook. Not to mention being Daddy, Hubby and helping with chores around the house.  It’s not hard labor by any means, but it’s work nonetheless.   


My wife recently had a birthday, and one morning last week I took a break from the office and my oldest son and I went out in search of some gifts for her. We both love old records and by old records, specifically I mean vinyl. Unfortunately, there aren’t many indie record shops around anymore but fortunately there’s the Oregon District in Dayton, OH. This area of downtown Dayton is home to many locally owned business’. My barber, The Bearded Barber is there (his beard is as big as my wife). It’s home to some REALLY great restaurants and some small, independent shops that sell vinyl like The Record Gallery and Omega Music. I hadn’t searched for music like this since I was a kid and man did it feel good! I had my 10 year old with me and he’s a big music fan (and becoming a great guitarist by the way) so he was having a blast thumbing through the bins of 33’s.


If you don’t own a record player or maybe you’ve never even heard music on vinyl, do yourself a favor and buy a cheap player and get yourself some records. Half the fun is the treasure hunt. Stacks of records await for you to flip thru and check out. We spent several hours doing that last week, and the time flew by!  We did find exactly what we were looking for by the way. Jackson Browne, Elvis, Sinatra and The Eagles. Next week I’ll try to post a blog, but I’ll be immersed in music up to my eyeballs and in the studio working on my new record. In the meantime I’ll be posting pics on my Instagram account and Facebook and try to update everyone on the progress as much as I can. Thanks for reading this.